Tuesday, 25 June 2013

New Motu Note: Tackling Agricultural Emissions - Potential Leadership from a Small Country

Post written by R. Cretney.

A new and exciting Motu note has been released by Suzi Kerr and Zack Dorner addressing the issues of tackling agricultural emissions in New Zealand.

This is one of the outcomes from the AgDialogue process which gathered together individuals from across New Zealand farming, policy and science sectors to discuss issues of climate change and agriculture. In this paper, Suzi and Zack detail the challenges and potential solutions to integrating agricultural emissions in an Emissions Trading Scheme that emerged as a result through this process. They also emphasize the important role a small nation, such as New Zealand, can play in the global community to reduce emissions from agriculture through collaboration and innovation.

Check out the new paper here and let us know your thoughts on New Zealand's role in the global community for reducing emissions in the comments section.